Aberration is here!

Only 4 days left until Ark experiences a whole new world of content. Aberration will release on December 12th and will contain an entirely new map, new mechanics, new dinos and so much more! Our server will be running Aberration straight from release and it’s expected to retail on steam at $19.99 upon release. Hopefully you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!



New Website!

Welcome everyone!

I’ve spent the last 24 hours designing this site for the community. The concept behind it is based around simplicity. I’ve tried to include all important aspects of our community in some form on this site, displaying the talent within the community and also the important information and need-to-knows.

Obviously this is a big change from our last site – and forums are not yet implemented as we have no current use for them. Please allow room for error, you may find some bugs on the site so please just let me know if any come up.

Other than that, enjoy!