Content Creator Application


Metanix Official Content Creator Application Section

Okay, so - we'll keep this brief! If you're a Twitch streamer or YouTube video uploader, we would like to support your channel in every way we can, helping you achieve Affiliate status on Twitch and growing your audience in return for some community recognition. The concept is very much "we scratch your back if you scratch ours".

As content creator, you will automatically be announced on our Discord server whenever you go live on Twitch, you'll have a custom rank with a fancy blue colour and will have access to post in the stream / recording channel. Essentially, you'll be broadcasted across Metanix whenever you stream / upload content.

To become a content creator, we have a few requirements from you and certain terms you must accept:

Before Applying:

  • You must already be recognised as being active on Metanix Discord, in text and voice chat.

Content Creator Terms To Accept Before Applying

  • Display Metanix logo on your Twitch panel, linking to our site.
  • Display "Join Our Discord" image linking to our Discord on your Twitch panel.
  • Add the "Metanix Gaming" community to your streams on Twitch in the "community" section.
  • You can't advertise any other community / Discord.
  • You must encourage your viewers to interact with you via Metanix Discord.

If you can meet all the above, fill in the short application below and we will review it within 24 hours. Good luck!