Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | January 22, 2019

Good evening @everyone! I have a somewhat exciting announcement to make about a side project I’m working on.

So, to keep things *kinda* short, I’ve created a brand new Discord specifically for my Twitch channel. This Discord will be where I discuss my stream, and build a larger following on Twitch hopefully working up from my Affiliate status to Partner. There a two main driving ideas behind this.

1. I want to get more involved with regular Twitch streaming, and build an audience / following based around my Twitch channel, this will especially be revolved around Anthem upon it’s release.

2. By doing this, I could potentially generate a large following on Twitch and thus will allow me to shift decent folk from my Twitch Channel / Discord into Metanix, creating an almighty inflow of amazing new people. Essentially, why pay £30-50 a month for Discord server adverts when I could just advertise for free on my Twitch? (if it gets big enough of course..)

I would massively appreciate any support on this, it would be awesome if you guys could tune into the streams and help me out! and please – feel free to join this Discord, it’s setup similar to Metanix however is purely for stream discussion, and lacks a lot of extra features Metanix has, for this reason.

**PLEASE REMEMBER** this is a side project. Metanix is my main focus and I will always put it first, Metanix was created over 2 years ago and I love it, and all of ya’ll in it! and although I will be streaming a lot more on Twitch, one of my **primary** goals for doing this is to make Metanix greater than ever! More importantly, Metanix is a gaming community and I didn’t feel it would be right to create my own chats in here for my Twitch, and hound all of you when I go live, thus I separated the two. If you have any questions, as always – just ask! ❤

*In before… someone quotes me on the advertisement rule* 😉


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