Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | March 13, 2019

@everyone Second ping of the day BUT this one is a bit more important!

A new activity system is being introduced using the following role: <@&555462041322651669>

If you are active in text chat (by speaking a little, saying hello, asking people about their cats etc) you will receive the role above, automatically. If you are inactive, and don’t send any messages consecutively for **7** days in a row, you will be removed from that role. This pretty much helps us better gauge who the most active people are!

More **importantly** the giveaways channel will be locked down to the <@&555462041322651669> now, instead of having a Level 5 requirement. In other words, if you’re active in chat and speak to people, you’ll be able to get free stuff! Fair trade one believes 🙂

Don’t worry if you’re not active, a lot of people aren’t. Losing this role after 7 days doesn’t negatively impact you in any way, and you can get it back again simply by speaking a bit in any text channel. And no, the bot does not take into consideration voice activity at this moment in time, so for all you frequent speakers, make sure you say hi in <#255835003332591616> once in a while 🙂

**TL;DR** New activity bot, speak a little in chat, get a shiny role, bugger off for 7 days in a row > lose that role. Speak a little more, get it back. Those WITH the role, can see the giveaway channel. So most of you right now, won’t be able to see it until you type something!

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