Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | June 21, 2018

Good afternoon @everyone! Just a shout from me to let you know that the “Join For A Room” feature will now give you a permanent channel. The channel **will not** be deleted. Your permissions will remain in-tact, so if you use the ?lock or ?unlock command, you room will stay locked / unlocked until you change it, also the access permissions will remain on that room. So if you want to add / remove people, you’ll need to keep track of who has access.

Side note, rooms that are created & obviously never used will be deleted after a fair amount of time. This is just to save you guys the small hassle of setting permissions every time you create a room.

**PLEASE** can you guys remember to update the rooms name. E.G If you have a public room named PUBG, and you later decide to go play some LoL, update the name accordingly so people don’t join thinking you’re playing / doing something else.

Happy Thursday ❤

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