Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | July 24, 2018

Awesome new feature @everyone!

So, with the help of <@193767604932837378> and <@207429632117440512> for configuring and hosting the bot for us, we now have a fully functional <@464428513169113090> system in Metanix. EXCITING RIGHT? So what does this mean you may ask… well, ModMail is a bot that will sit at the top right of the Discord online list for this server. If you have a question or want to ask staff something that you may not want to post in a public chat, you can send the bot a private message, which will open a thread for staff to see.

Feel free to test this system out for yourself, however once tested, please don’t spam the system with random “hello” messages 😃

**ALSO** If you’re both a generous and epic person, and wish to donate game codes to us for use in giveaways you can send the <@464428513169113090> a PM with the game title and code, and we’ll add it to the list of games to give away, giving you credit of course!

Any questions, ask us in <#255835003332591616> or just PM <@464428513169113090> 😉

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