Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | July 29, 2018

Good evening all that are @here, just to let you know there’s been an addition to the rules in <#338769518463680514> that states the following:

“Memes are to be posted in <#339492287102844929> chat only. We understand some are funny and amusing which is why we have a chat to accommodate them, however being a community reaching out to a more mature demographic, this type of content is to be kept in the appropriate place and contained within closed conversation & voice rooms. If you want to listen to 400% volume gain videos, please do it in a dark corner somewhere and not in a room with people you don’t know.”

Not to be a party pooper here.. but as a community that advertises itself as being “mature”, Spongebob ear rape vidoes aren’t the first thing we want new members to see! I personally don’t mind some of the content, but I do feel it needs to be contained within the appropriate rooms such as <#339492287102844929> chat and voice rooms if you’re in there with likeminded meme enthusiasts.

Have a good evening folks ❤

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