Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | September 16, 2018

Good morning @everyone! I’ve got a few updates to share with you guys and also a community poll for our scum players at the bottom!

So firstly, there’s been a few tweaks to Discord and the way things work, so let me give you a short overview starting with the **Editable Room**. So, previously, we had the “create your own room” channel and this is the same concept, you’ll see in the auto voice room list there is now an “Editable Room”. Joining this, will create your own room with your name on it. You can change the name of this room, and lock / unlock it + give permissions for people to join, all from the <#429456043454758912> area. This feature should be used for people creating open rooms for games not listed, or if they want some privacy. I do encourage people to use the orange tagged rooms first, if you’re playing in a duo, trio, group or on one of the listed games, jump in the orange tag rooms relevant to you, so people know what you’re doing 😃

Secondly, there’s now an **Events Room** for voice. I’ve set up a system so that when you join this room, you’ll be granted automatic access to the **events_room_chat** that accompanies it. This chat room will be used for any active events, and you’ll only be able to see / join it when you’re in the voice room.

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