Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | September 23, 2018

Good afternoon @everyone! Just a small announcement regarding a new feature I’m working on within the community. Being a gaming community, there are tonnes of games that everyone plays, not just SCUM and Arma (our current two servers) so I think it’s time to broaden the horizon a little. If you religiously play any other type of game, and wish to start up a Metanix “clan/group” on said game, please send me a PM to discuss further. With our new hosting, it’s possible to host a variety of game servers, so if the game you play has the ability to self-host a server, we can set one up for you and allow you to lead that particular group within the community. If it’s a game like WoW or something which hosts it’s own servers, we will still be able to support you with content on the website, and channels on Discord etc.

On another note, apologies for my absence recently, I’ve been putting in a lot of time & effort into my day job, as last week was the final week of my probation (to which I passed) so I can now put more time back into Metanix – I’m aiming this week to set up various community events that will come with winning prizes & also a lot of giveaways once I’ve fully set up our new dedi box. Any questions, stick um’ in <#255835003332591616> 😃

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