Discord Announcement from Tazhar

author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | October 21, 2018

Good morning @everyone! Haven’t popped an announcement in a while, so thought I’d just update you guys on what’s going to be happening over the coming weeks.

Firstly, social media! I have been talking with <@454080775768244233> and he has discussed a variety of ideas with me and as a summary, has kindly agreed to take over management of the Metanix social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Twitch. This will mean we will be very active on the social media front and start broadcasting our content further across the interwebs! Watch this space, more to come on this soon.

Secondly, **ADVERTISEMENTS!** as a community, we now host 5 game servers across 3 games, soon to be more, and advertisement is something we’re currently lacking. We need to reach new players, expand our servers and watch them thrive! But we need your help.

I have asked the staff team to start sending blanket adverts to various forums, groups and chats to try and increase awareness of Metanix but the main source of new players will be you guys. Word of mouth is the fastest way to grow and it would be absolutely amazing if you guys could help us reach our goals, if you play our servers, or even if you don’t! If you notice people on your friends list or in other Discords that play – send them an invite and let them know what we have going on. The more populated our servers become, the more new players they will attract from the servers list.

I’m soon implementing a custom bot that will track how many times someones instant invites on this Discord were used between certain dates, so for those who are actively pulling people into Metanix to play our servers & stick around, you’ll receive cash & game code prizes!

That’s all from me today ladies and gents, have a great Sunday ❤

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