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author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | January 8, 2019

<@&523507519465848833> **announcement regarding persistence on the server.**

So, we’re all aware that base persistence is a problem on the server. Please note that this is a global DayZ issue. I’ll link an example thread below. Bohemia has not announced when this will be fixed, but it seems character persistence is NOT affected. Whatever you have on you personally, will not despawn or be lost, however any base items placed on the ground have a chance to vanish until Bohemia plugs this issue.

In the mean time, we ask that whilst playing the DayZ server, you play lone wanderer style, keep your valuables on you and don’t invest time into big bases / structures that you will be upset to see disappear. If anything, place a single tent / barrel somewhere and only keep excess loot inside that you don’t mind losing, once again it’s important to note that anything you wish to keep, keep on you.

We now have an admin mod installed on the server (link to all mods is now updated on the website) so if you do lose something valuable, you can contact myself & yeti and we can spawn it right back in for you, this should hopefully make up for lost time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Yeti regarding the DayZ server. Anything else, feel free to pop a message to <@464428513169113090>

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