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author image by Tazhar | 0 Comments | January 11, 2019

Evening @everyone! Quick announcement regarding new changes for Metanix.

So we will now be creating clans inside games. Think of it like creating a Metanix Guild in World of Warcraft, we will create a group/clan/guild and grow that clan within the game, recruiting more members and gaining more traction for Metanix. We will start with Warframe and Escape from Tarkov (when the clan system is available). To complement this, we’ve created a category called __Metanix In-Game Clans__ with relevant text channels. These channels are for all chat related to that game and our clan. If this becomes popular, and our clans grow to a fair size, we will eventually create categories for individual clans and have roles, voice rooms / text channels for that game clan.

If you play a game and believe we could create a clan there, let us know in <#360533331466518528> and if enough people show interest, we will set this up.

**Server Chats:**
Server chats are now combined into one to save eye-space in Discord, since a lot of the server chats were not being used. You can now discuss our game servers in <#523507284001947648>.

**Content Creators No More!:**
So, the system didn’t work. People who stream, want to stream for themselves and not another community, which is understandable and fair. So we’ve now removed the content creator system / role and instead, if you’re a streamer who is a Sponsor or has been an active & respectable member in the community for a fair while, we will add your stream to the announcements which will now appear in <#255835003332591616>.

As always, any questions please do ask – have a great weekend folks ❤

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