Discord Rules

We pride ourselves as a communtiy without limits, both on our servers & social media. However there must be a line somewhere.


1.  Keep your conversations friendly! Toxic & offensive posts could land you with a suspension, leniancy granted in NSFW as long as content is not a clear personal attack.

2.  Do not spam text / voice lounges at any time.

3.  Please keep your content SAFE FOR WORK unless in the NSFW channel.

4.  No advertising / promoting of other communities, Discord servers & communication platforms.

5.  Make sure you keep your posts in the relevant channel for it's topic.

6.  Common courtesy is a must! Do not talk over people when in voice channels, repeat offenders may be muted.

7.  No porn related content in any channel.

8.  Do not spam group @ tags, that includes tagging a vast amount of groups in consecutive posts.

9.  Use your common sense, some things may not be listed in the rules, that doesn't mean they are allowed. If you're not sure, ask!

10.  Keep voice chats relevant, for example Chill & Chat is for general talking and not game communication, if you're playing a game with a group and are communicating about that game, use an in-game chat channel or a group channel.

11.  Don't use @ staff unless something immediately requires urgent staff attention, it's often better to tag an online staff member directly if assistance is needed.