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Metanix uses an XP based levelling system. Typing in chat will give you XP. Once you’ve earned enough XP, you’ll level up – and so on, just like a game!  You will need to be certain levels to unlock different features in our Discord. This is mainly for anti-raid reasons, but also gives you a sense of accomplishment! Here’s a breakdown of the unlocks:

Level 1: Given the Verified role, which means you can join all voice rooms, post images, links and the moderation bot will go a little easier on you! 

Level 5: Given the Bronze Member role. You’ll get a new colour and also have access to the #giveaways channel so you can get some free stuff!

Level 10: Silver Member role

Level 15: Gold Member role

Level 20: Diamond Member role

Level 25: Platinum Member role

Level 30: Veteran Member role

We have a lovely little bot called ModMail. If you have a question, need some help, or generally want to talk to the staff team in private. Send a private message to @ModMail (seen at the top right of our Discord). It will open a thread that only staff can see, and they’ll respond as soon as they can.


?membercount – Shows the server member statistics.
?roll – Rolls a dice, useful if you and someone else are unable to decide something..
?flipcoin – Flips a coin, as per above.
?donate – Shows the information on how to donate.
!rank – Shows your Metanix Discord level and XP.
!levels – Displays the Metanix level leaderboard.

MUSIC COMMANDS (will only work in #bot_commands channel):
Adds a song to the queue
?skip Plays the next song in the queue
?stop Stops the current song
?queue Shows the music queue
?nowplaying Shows the song currently playing
?seek Skips to a point in the song e.g ?seek 1m 30s

Once you reach Level 5, you will see the #giveaways channel and be able to participate in them. However, if you become a sponsor. You’ll also get access to the #sponsor_giveaways channel which will only give away triple A titles and high value games! You will also get a bunch of other perks, see more here: Sponsors

1 – Keep your conversations friendly! Toxic, provocative & offensive posts could land you with a suspension.

2 – Do not spam text / voice lounges at any time.

3 – Please keep your content SAFE FOR WORK unless in the NSFW channel.

4 – No advertising / promoting of other communities, Discord servers & communication platforms.

5 – Make sure you keep your posts in the relevant channel for it’s topic.

6 – No porn related content in any channel.

7 – NEVER tag game specific tags & group tags, these are for staff use only.

8 – Use your common sense, some things may not be listed in the rules, that doesn’t mean they are allowed. Generally, don’t act like an idiot. If you’re not sure, ask!

9 – Keep voice chats relevant, game title specific rooms are for game talk only.

10 – Don’t use @staff unless something immediately requires urgent staff attention, it’s often better to tag an online staff member directly if assistance is needed.

11 – Memes are to be posted in #memes chat only.

12 – Any form of game cheating, exploiting and glitching will not be tolerated. Members who are caught in any game, especially our servers will be permanently removed from Metanix without warning. Historical anti-cheat bans may be questioned, but likely will not result in a ban.