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Become a Sponsor for Metanix to help support & fund the community servers, website and future expansion and development! And of course, occasionally buy a beer for our awesome staff that make themselves available to answer questions, moderate the community and keep it troll free around the clock.


- Sponsor-Only game key giveaways.

- Permanent discount code for all store items

- New Community Colour

- Access to VIP lounges (coming soon)

- Shown on Discord as a Sponsor

- Unique Discord Role

- In-Game Goodies! (coming soon)


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Make A One-Off Donation

Metanix is a non-profit gaming community, we will never ask for subscriptions / payments in order to use our services, however we understand that every community has a certain percentage of members who wish to offer a monetary contribution towards the running costs – and for that reason, we have a simple donation box readily available if you wish to make any contribution towards Metanix. Thank you in advance for your contribution! It will go towards the server costs, hosting costs and future development for the community. All donations are massively appreciated.