Exile Server Rules

1.       All rule breakages are subject to different punishments depending on the staff members discretion, if you believe your punishment was unjustified, you can raise an appeal with any Community Leader.

2.      Do not ask staff to spawn anything for you, if you have no genuine reason to be reimbursed.

3.      No ramming in safe zones. Also, do not tow / sling peoples vehicles in a safe zone that aren't yours unless you have permissionn

4.      If you see someone breaking the rules this does not mean you can counter them by breaking the rules too.

5.      English only in sidechat.

6.      Do not purposely kamikaze into bases with planes/helicopters.

7.      Do not impersonate staff.

8.      No exploiting or glitching.

9.      No combat logging.

10.    No duping.

11.     Respect players and staff at all times! Don't be toxic.

12.    No compensation given. Only in certain situations will items be replaced.

13.    No slinging vehicles at people from helicopters. This includes swinging vehicles into bases.

14.   You may only have one base per family.

15.    Flags must be placed with the bottom of the flag accessible.

16.    You are not allowed to place your flag under water.

17.    Flags must not be placed inside indestructible objects (eg rocks, certain map objects).

18.    Flags may not be placed inside unopenable objects.

19.    Flags may not be raised up out of reach (e.g. on top of a pillar/wall/stack of safes).

20.    No double walling, Dooring or placing any base objects back to back.

21.   Do not moan in side-chat, if you have server improvement suggestions, post them on Discord in the #suggestion_box

22.    Don't bitch every time you die, this makes side chat toxic. And it affects the other players enjoyment. Don’t be selfish. If you have a legitimate issue, raise it in Discord.

23.   Do not camp safe zones / trader zones to kill players. Killing a player clearly entering / leaving a safe zone will count as a rule break. This also extends to following players out of the zone in order to kill them

24.   Server staff reserve the right to allocate punishments for things not stated in these rules if the staff member consider the actions of the player(s) to be damaging to the Metanix community, toxic or just general bad/disrespectful conduct.


Things to note:

Vehicles left in trader over restart will be unlocked.

Base maintenance is every 14 days and can be payed at the office trader by paying protection. Not doing so will result in your base de-spawning. Base protection can also be paid at your flag pole.

Thank you.