Partner Scheme

Ever Wanted To Run Your Own Server?

With the Metanix Partner Scheme, you can! And best of all, we will provide you all the tools you need to make it a success.

The concept is simple, and designed to give you ultimate control over your game server whilst allowing you to help Metanix expand rapidly as a community. By providing all the platforms you would need for a successful server, Metanix Partner Scheme allows you to focus on the fun stuff - the game itself! Meaning you only have to work on the server. Website? communication platforms? custom design? administration teams? We've got that covered. With our Partner Scheme, you will become part of the Metanix brand, part of our family and recognised as a server manager, having full access to all our developed and finalized platforms to use for free at our expense. The entire point of this scheme is to grow Metanix as a community, adding servers to our inventory to expand as a community and offer more to our members. But instead of us doing it all ourselves, we want to involve the most important part of this equation - you guys! And let you run your own server, the way you want.


So how does this work?

Glad you asked, the scheme is very straight forward - instead of you paying full price for a gameserver and spending many monotonous hours on the infrastructure and everything wrapped around it, not to mention the costs to hire to developers for certain areas, all you do, is rent from us! (to put it bluntly). But there's more...

As a potential partner, you will fill out an application explaining to us what your server concept is, your plan & strategy to make it a success, much like a business plan, and send it off for our management team to review. If accepted, you will be required to pay us for the desired game server listed below for the first three months of operation. Essentially, this is like renting a game server from a provider, however we can offer you unique discounted rates through our long-time provider, Fragnet.

You will be given full back-end access to the server and absolute control over it. You will also be recognised in the community as server manager for "X" game and appoint your own staff team to help you run it. You will be able to use the Metanix website, Discord and complete infrastructure to back your game server, and the best part is - after three months if you're server proves to be a success - we will pay 50% of the server cost! Meaning you can run that server, for only 50% of the already discounted hosting costs (no strings attached).

Remeber though! the server will be part of the Metanix inventory, this is not an opportunity for those wishing to start their own brand & community, this will add another server to the Metanix name, and the Partner will be the server manager of that server. To save you having to read a load of small print - we will add the important need-to-knows in the next paragraph.


The Need-To-Knows

So, "what's the catch?" Well, there isn't one.. Becoming a partner is essentially the same as becoming a Server Manager for Metanix. You will pay us a Discounted price for the gameserver, we will host it, provide you full access, and you will run it the way you want to! You will be required to use the Metanix Discord, Website & Other Services and at no time will you be allowed to re-brand the server, and start up a separate group / community for the server, as the server will remain a Metanix asset.

Metanix reserve the right to, at any time - cancel the agreement if it is felt your server is not performing / succeeding how originally planned, or as a server manager - you breach any terms set.

Metanix will receive 100% of all server donations and monetary gain generated from the server, donation links and in-game stores will be set up through the Metanix main system. This is to generate income for the community, allowing us to cover the costs of more and more partners, hosting servers, upgrading our systems and importantly, expansion.

"So what do I get out of this?" Lots! Is the simple answer, after three months if your server proves to be growing, Metanix will pay you money to run this server. And let's face it, all your really need to do is focus on the game server itself, so you get paid to do what you enjoy! The amount of money you receive is dependant on the revenue generated from your server itself, and after the initial servers costs from Metanix's side have been covered. The more donations that come in from your server, the more money you will earn, the remaining donations will be put into the community pot and used for expansion, development, events, prizes, giveaways and all community related activites. Don't forget, we will help you every step of the way!


The Summary

Essentially, to summarise all of this; you will apply to run a server under our name, we will provide it - you will run it. After 3 months? We pay half the costs, and will start paying you! Blinding.

To apply, please fill out the application below - thank you for your interest!