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Possible Suggestion - Alafon - 06-18-2017


I have a suggestion which may be added into the server.

Weekly red zone location
Every week a city-town-forest becomes a red zone, to stimulate PvP and giving ppl the chills if they realise the red zone is right next to the red zone -> Suddenly they have to move their base.
To stimulate activity in the area, a weekly competition can happen where the person who can post/submit the most kills, in that area wins a price of some kind.
Seemed like a fun thing to post.

It's a raw idea, but who knows!

Much love, Chef

RE: Possible Suggestion - radar - 06-19-2017

I like the idea it sounds interesting, however maybe quite a lot of admin for staff.


RE: Possible Suggestion - HonchMeister - 06-19-2017

Superb idea, I can see potential for something along the lines of this that would be a little easier and I'm also allllll for the prize for the person who gets the most kills Tongue

RE: Possible Suggestion - KamoMan - 06-19-2017

And who would be picking the zones? The staff? Or weekly poll by the community? It's a really cool idea in theory but what if you happen to log out in an area before it was a red zone? And then the next day it's one of these new random zones. I wouldn't want to risk logging back in for the week because I would get insta killed and would be nothing I could do about it as it was a red zone where anything goes.

Also, red zone or not, having a kill counting system and competition doesn't seem the most RP thing.

RE: Possible Suggestion - HonchMeister - 07-05-2017

This has been moved to up for discussion, we will discuss at next staff meeting Chef!

RE: Possible Suggestion - HonchMeister - 07-11-2017

Accepted - Can be put in place in the near future when we have more staff and higher player count to deal with the demand! Thanks Chef!