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How did I survive? - Viktor Zass - 06-19-2017

Hi, my name is Viktor Zass. I was 17 years old student from Czech republic before it happened. I was on a trip to my girlfriend in Chernarus, but the zombies, and killing people and this mess cancelled my route. Now I'm on my own, I am searching for my girlfriend, if she's still alive, and hope. 

I had a band called CORPICLUS, and when I find my girlfriend, I will came back to find the rest of my band too. These people are the only one, whose holding me alive. Maybe I could make some friends in Chernarus too, I hope. Maybe we could survive together. Maybe they could help me too, to find my love somewhere. Maybe they will looking for someone too. 

I will live in hope, thats only thing i could do. You could find some of my letters in chernarus, that I will left there for my love. Maybe she find them and than find me.