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Brandon - crackle - 06-19-2017

I was 26 years old when i woke up the world around me had changed i walked out of the crashed military helicopter and saw living dead "i have no god damn clue on who or what that is but it has to die" i said, i heard a voice behind me say " DON'T " before i shot the zombie, i suddenly blacked out... i woke up on a beach with my hand tied to a pole i knew then that i had to survive, i rose my hand to my head and felt a not right on the back of my head. Using my military training i cut the rope using rocks then found some sticks and a branch and looked around Nizhnoye for rope, once i found it i made a bow and made some sharpened sticks my arrows but they were very inaccurate i then pursued the action of killing the living dead on my journey to the vast north west for military gear only to find that there were many survivors i would yet meet.       To Be Continued...