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New Community staff Helper! - HonchMeister - 07-13-2017

[Image: JsyHRCc.png]

New Community staff Helper!

Afternoon everyone! Quick announcement to welcome our latest staff member @ MrSkelatwig he will be carrying out the role of helper within our community staff team and will strive to help you all and improve the community as we know it! He's a great guy and one of those accents that you can trust  Tongue But watch he might steal your shoes, Welcome Oliver!

@ HonchMeister

RE: New Community staff Helper! - MrSkelatwig - 07-14-2017

Fank yoo for having me y'all! Pleasure to serve for Queen and country and all that! Aye Aye Sir! Etc.

Don't you guys worry! As long as you keep your shoes on your persons at all times they should be safe. No guarantees if I get hungry though.

Happy to help in whatever way I can! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Let my trust embedding accent lull you into a better place.


RE: New Community staff Helper! - extriotic - 07-14-2017

Welcome to the staff laddie!

Great to have you on-board.