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PVP ZONE EVENT! - Wiganerjake - 07-15-2017

Hello all. i would like to suggest if we could get an event into the metanix private server that allows plays to actually pvp but only in the zone radius.

How it works:
once every week add a pvp event  that gives players the ability to use their weapons they have been gathering , this would bring more excitement into the community and also bring more members as the word spreads. players will only be able to fight in the zone

Each week the zone would be moved to another location on the map and players are only allowed to pvp in the zone. this gives players a whole new experience to the role play and also brings in new opportunities. 

However the Pvp Zone will only last a day as it will be to hectic if it lasts a whole week. this give plays the chance to gain all their stuff back and prepare for the next zone

Thank you for your time


RE: PVP ZONE EVENT! - Emilff - 07-15-2017

Good idea! Think we will talk about it in our next meeting!Smile

RE: PVP ZONE EVENT! - ZaCiarou - 07-15-2017

AT LEAST, once a week, yes please Big Grin Big Grin

RE: PVP ZONE EVENT! - KamoMan - 07-15-2017

This suggestion has already been accepted.

RE: PVP ZONE EVENT! - ZaCiarou - 07-15-2017

i think the suggestions were slightly different, but anyway. when then?