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Rust vanilla metanix ideas. - Vnismo - 07-16-2017

So was thinking about some cool things for rust so the admin tazhar would build a total of 4 small armored boxes witch has good loot 1 each week roughly so then we have a treat if we get the loot if your willing to break in. i know you could raid bases but this dont guarantee good loot also gives newbies a fighting chance other ideas involve a area in the map witch everyone who plays rust on our server can go and go and help build a massive shopping mall and quarry and research table and other helpful items so like a friendly village witch will help you get going on your own base the rules would be no weapons as we would have turrets to enforce this so only building and supplies also a good place to put a shop and barter over other shop keepers online.

RE: Rust vanilla metanix ideas. - HonchMeister - 07-18-2017

I do like botht the ideas, it's Tazhar's forte to admin aboose so he will love it haha Tongue Let's see what everyone else thinks!

RE: Rust vanilla metanix ideas. - Xiija - 07-18-2017

I like this idea, it's friendly and it's not your usual 'PVP EVERYONE TO DEATH' option. +1 from me