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DayZ Server #1 - Tazhar - 08-08-2017

[Image: JsyHRCc.png]

The Time Draws Closer!

Hello Community!

As it nears the big day, when Server #2 closes and we hit Server #1 with everything we have to regain a high-pop server, we need to make certain changes, which of course, we want to be led by the community. As there are a lot of Roleplayers in this community, we want to ensure you don't feel negleted by the closure of Server #2. By having no whitelist server, Metanix DayZ will be open to the public, and if high-pop is achieved, the likelihood of KoS is much higher. 

That said, we need to implement reasonable rules for this server. Being private hive, we have the ability to ban, kick, etc from this server, so rules breakers CAN be punished. However, after thinking this over - by setting the server to completely no KoS, I'm estimating we will be banning A LOT of people, which may drastically turn away new blood for the community. I have thought about possibly leaving the server completely ruleless, thus allowing players to experience the game the way they want. This will mean more cautious gameplay, less emotional attachment to loot / camps and more emphasis on slow paced survival. This will also open doors for high-pop PvP zones such as NWAF, Balota, Cherno etc. 

I would really like your opinions as a community as to how we should run server #1, in an appealing way, that will help it achieve high-pop status and also attract players to the community. This decision will be made by communtiy majority, so please post your ideas / suggestions as a reply to this thread.


RE: DayZ Server #1 - cranky old man - 08-08-2017

I think Spawn area's need to be protected against KOS. I feel to ensure the best game play we can give to almost every style player if we use the I survive Arma/Day-Z map as an example. We take 1 or 2 squares inland from debug and make it a green zone (No KOS) and open the rest of the map up as a red zone(KOS anywhere) this will force the action into the center of the map. but most important are the spawn points you don't want people fully geared sitting on spawn points shooting fresh spawns. I for one came to metanix because it was a no KOS hive I hope this helps.

RE: DayZ Server #1 - Tazhar - 08-08-2017

@ cranky old man Nice idea! But spawn areas are normally the hot spots for coastal PvP, and would result in a lot of KoS bans I'd imagine.

RE: DayZ Server #1 - Bushido Zen - 08-09-2017

My ideas for the DayZ Public server.

Public with no rules:
Hardcore server- 1stPP , no crosshair , zombies do extra damage.

Public with a KoS rule:
Two safe zones opposite sides of the map.

Cities and towns considered open to holdups.

All military areas KoS allowed-bases ,camps and check points

Other ideas:
Starting a public factions forum: Militias, police, bandit groups and traders

Weekly regular events :
"free for all purge" event for 24 hrs
Whitelisted only event - faction wars

Well thats my two cents worth...

RE: DayZ Server #1 - HonchMeister - 08-13-2017

A lot of thought put in! I do like your ideas