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SeedMonk's Introduction - SeedMonk - 08-09-2017

Hello fellow survivers!

It was a big coincidence that I came across the #1 metanix server several weeks ago and we (most likely my friends jdfense and zordi) are still very happy playing on it. We came across very pleasant and nice people and even had some adventures with not so nice and very unexperienced rude players. But these things can happen anytime in chernarus on a public server. 

Having a lot of fun on your friendly and good working server leads to the point that I just want to say: Thank you!

For this first step to introduce myself to your community is in addition to mention, that my name is Adrian and that I'm from Germany.

See you in Chernarus!

RE: SeedMonk's Introduction - HonchMeister - 08-09-2017

Pleasure to have you here with us Adrian, be sure to come into our discord and join a voice channel sometime Smile

RE: SeedMonk's Introduction - NightRogue - 08-10-2017


RE: SeedMonk's Introduction - Alafon - 08-14-2017

Welcome you, welcome to Metanix!
Those are some kind and warm words!