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The last Viking - GhostViking - 08-11-2017

Mathias Larsen Aka GhostViking is now 42 years old, been working 15 years for UN and was a part of a Mil Mi-26 crew who was sent out as a security unit for a team of doctors that was sent into Chernarus in to get blood samples at the end of 2014, the Mil Mi-26 was never found and the only survivors was Lt Larsen, a Doctor and the pilot. The pilot died of his injuries 14 days later, so the only two left started to find a way out....

[i]It was not easy to navigate through Chernarus so most of the time was spent on getting food and water to survive, after a long night that felt like days... with howling wolfes and loud screams from the woods behind the house, the doctor was gone when daylight and the sun finally appeared.... so from august 2015 Lt Larsen was on his own, promised to find the Doctor and bring him back to safety.....

Lt Mathias Larsen is now "on a mission" to find the lost Doctor, he is a survivor, friendly but a bit sceptical to strangers but has allso understood that he needs friends to survive here.

As the days, weeks and months go by, from time to time he sees infected wearing something that looks like his old UN uniform so in the back of his head he always thinks that there is more ex UN personell around... but still not being able to find anything more that uniforms and some blue helmets and beret's....

In the summer of 2017 he suddenly woke up on a beach with a armband on his right arm, his backpack with all his kit and equpment was gone, he cant remember much, just a memory of people in white clothing running around him screaming and then it all went black...