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SUGGEST AN EVENT - Swagnum - 08-12-2017

Hey Everyone,

As the new Events Manager I am now responsible for hosting events on all our game servers. To get some feedback from the community and to make the suggestions for the events more streamlined i have made a small format where you can post all the information needed for your event. We will review your event together with you and see if we can turn it into something that we can host on our servers. I have already seen some great suggestions come by but they need some more work before we can start inplementing them.

You can find the Template down below. All events posted will be considered and talked through with you on our Discord and we aim to respond within 48 hours.
Hope you all have some good ideas and we can make some fanstastic events.

Metanix Event Form
Event Name:
Events Game:
Recommended Amount of Players:
Runtime of Event:
Short Description of the Event:
Rules of the Event:
Items Needed for the Event:
Preperation Time needed for Event: