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Games Deal Scam - rapidfear - 09-02-2017

hey guys i thought id just let you know not to use gamesdeal for your games cd keys, i used it to get PUBG at a cheap price it worked and then one day when i logged onto my steam it said it has been removed so i got screenshots of all the info i needed and sent it to them in an email and all i got back was

we regret the inconvenience. We will check the issue and refund the payment for your order.

Kind regards,
your GamesDeal team

so sadly i cant play pubg until i get it again lol ... hope to see you all soon Smile
Best regards

RE: Games Deal Scam - HonchMeister - 09-02-2017

Thanks for the heads up Rapid! At least you got a refund!
Always a risk buying from code sites unfortunately

RE: Games Deal Scam - JaysonPi - 10-20-2017

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, there's always a risk. But that's good if they refunded your purchase. Of course, it's still annoying.