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new games added to rank system - Vnismo - 09-02-2017

Hello all just hurd about the new ranks system and love the idea but want think a few more games could benfit all of our players me personally like alot of sim gaming and mabye other discord players out there do to so would it be possible to add these games please:
Flight sim x /fsx
Euro truck simulator 2/ets2
Farming simulator 2017
Assetto corsa /racing sim
Car mechanic simulator15/18/cms18
thanks for looking hope this gets added many thanks all.

RE: new games added to rank system - HonchMeister - 09-02-2017

Thanks for putting it up on the forums for us Nis! After telling me about your story with Junior there's definitely more opportunity for more games and members knowing what others play!
We can see if you get any support for these suggestions prior to our next staff meeting, however we would definitely trial the games!
As I always say we don't know what works till we try it Smile

Speak soon lad

RE: new games added to rank system - Alafon - 09-03-2017

Holy schnabbles another simmer!