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Evening. - Arkwright - 09-28-2017

Good evening good people.

I found your forums via the DayZ forums so i thought id drop by and say hello.  Being of the more mature gamer age bracket i tend to favour the slower more considered game play approach.   not yet been on your dayz server yet but hope to this weekend.  UK based i also play elite and sometimes a bit of pubg.
catch you all on discord or in game.



RE: Evening. - Tazhar - 09-28-2017

Welcome Ark! Was good speaking to you in chat this evening - hope to see you around again!

If there's anything you need, just give myself or any of the community staff a shout and we'll do our best.

RE: Evening. - rapidfear - 09-30-2017

Welcome mate hope to catch up with you some time Smile